Why boost your job ? has always been a free job platform and will always be. However, as it is never easy to find a superstar employee, we want to offer our users other and better ways to reach potential hires.

Therefore, we offer 3 different posting categories :

1. Classic: it's free, your job is posted on and the jobs page from where you are posting. Free job posting is limited to 1 per companies.

2. Quantity boost: Your job is posted on and the page from where you are posting, it's spotlighted for 30 days and pushed on other startup websites, job boards and various networks. You will get 3x more candidates than with the Classic option and you get unlimited job posting. spotlight

3. Quality boost: We do all the work. We will use all the techniques of the Quantity boost, plus some private researches within our own networks of entrepreneurs and startups. We will scout the best talent, do a pre-selection, manage the emails and schedule the calls and meeting, so you can focus on the important stuff: selecting the best possible employee for your startup.


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